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FreezeStaxTM is an inexpensive and innovative product that will revolutionize the way people store and freeze food. We are meeting the challenge of food waste head-on and providing a simple break-through system to organize and freeze food.

Up until now, there were limited options to efficiently store and freeze food. Consumers could buy one of those expensive vacuum seal counter-top systems. Or they could try to use basic zip locks and end up with a mess in the freezer and lots of freezer burned foods.

FreezeStaxTM is the inexpensive solution. Its unique design allows you to freeze food in a uniform size and easily stack and store multiple frozen foods in your freezer.

FreezeStax is a fraction of the cost of those expensive vacuum seal machines and doesn’t take up your counter space.

Using FreezeStax is SO simple…just follow 4 Simple steps!

1) Fill

Place a resealable plastic bag in the Freezestax and fill the bag with the food you wish to freeze.

2) Zip

Close the bag, making sure most of the air is pressed out.

3) Freeze

Place the FreezeStaxTM with the filled resealable bag in your freezer.

4) Stack

Once the food is frozen remove it from the FreezeStaxTM mold. Multiple frozen Foods in resealable bags can be stored and stacked in a uniform way. Your freezer will be better organized than ever before!

See how easy FreezeStaxTM is to use

Features of FreezeStaxTM

FreezeStaxTM allows you to make and store your own frozen meals so you don't have to waste your time shopping. Best of all, your family gets the taste of home-cooked meals, not frozen foods loaded with preservatives and chemicals you can't even pronounce.

It's So Easy!

FreezeStaxTM is great! Plan ahead, cook meals and freeze for future use. If you don't have a lot of time FreezeStaxTM can be a great product to utilize that will save valuable freezer space, time and money.

Make Your Own Ice Packs

Easily make your own ice packs for emergencies, ice for your cooler, sports injuries and more.

FreezeStaxTM Lunch Bags

Now you can make your own FreezeStaxTM ice packs for your lunchbox. Your food will stay cool and dry the entire day.

FreezeStaxTM In Use

See FreezeStaxTM in use

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