About Us

How did FreezeStaxTM come to be?

In 2015, retired friends shared a home-made product with us, he used his product to freeze his fish fillets that he caught. It was a wood box that was very hard to open and close. After awhile, it was time to take the design to the next level to make it easier to use, washable, and expandable.

After the prototype was completed we went to visit them and showed them the prototype, they were very happy and gave us the blessing to continue. We used the prototype and wood box for awhile to bland our vegetables, freeze watermelon juice, spaghetti sauce , egg roll mix, chicken larb, etc.

Plastic containers - where's the matching lid when you need it? (You can never find matching lids and when was the last time you found more than 2-3 containers of the same size? There has to be a better way!)

More to come as we share our journey and recipes in our blog

That is why we have made the FreezeStaxTM. It is so easy: Fill - Zip - Freeze and Stack.
Buy in season - save money.
Enjoy the meals that you love easily by preparing in bulk and using FreezeStaxTM to freeze and store your food.

FreezeStaxTM Goals & Vision

FreezeStaxTM allows you to make and store your own frozen meals so you don't have to waste your time shopping. Best of all, your family gets the taste of fresh home-cooked meals, not frozen foods loaded with preservatives and chemicals you can't even pronounce.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an easy, efficient and convenient means for families everywhere to have the healthy and home cooked meals they know and love ready and at their disposal.

Our Plan

Creating the FreezeStaxTM product has been very time consuming, I have been working tirelessly over the past few years to make this dream a reality. The product has gone through beta testing, has a beautiful prototype, and has plans to go into production in late 2019. FreezeStaxTM will be hosting a crowdfunding campaign in October 2019 in order to pre-sale FreezeStaxTM to help with the expenses of production. Soon, FreezeStaxTM will become available to everyone!

Our Vision

FreezeStaxTM is all about saving time, money and freezer space. Simply: Fill - Zip - Freeze - and Stack! Freeze time with FreezeStaxTM so more time can be spent outside the kitchen and more with loved ones and enjoying life!